• General set-up

• detailed planning

Scale of benefits:

If you are planning a new ship:
based on your requirements and our experience we calculate the energy consumption of your systems. In a second step you will get the specifications for a bid invitation, alternatively we invite tenders for you. You will get extensive plans about wiring the systems. We communicate with the classification society to ensure a proper acceptance. Optional we provide a construction supervision to ensure highest quality and attend the initiation. Even upon completion we assist you and your crew in any questions, problems or wishes.

If you already have a ship or if you want to buy a ship:

based on a detailed inspection and your wishes we make proposals to replace or upgrade installed systems. This may cause changes in the decision to buy or not to buy. If you make the decision to buy or yoe allready have a ship we will guide you and the executing company providing all necessary plans for replacing cables and systems. After that it is just as building a new ship, all attendance will be the same.

If you have a ship and the documentation is incomplete
or you want to replace an electrical / electronical device:

Inspection, inventory of installed systems, creation of all needed plans, proposals for replacements, guiding until you sail and furthermore.

We also offer partitions of our scale of benefits, don´t hesitate to contact us.